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Frequently asked questions

What are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless Gutters refers to the gutters to be installed without ties. It is not by parts, but by complete pieces according to the measurements of the home or the commercial place.


Rainbow Rain Gutters offers a 5-year warranty on labor. And 25 years warranty on materials. We know that we work with excellence that is why we can commit ourselves to be with you both now and in the future.

Importance and relevance of rain gutters?

Rain Gutter Systems protect the infrastructure of your home or business premises. Channeling the water on time is saving a lot in the future. Worn paint, damaged wood, deteriorated doors and walls – all of these prevent a good on-time gutter system.


According to the environmental conditions, the Maintenance of the Rain Gutters both in homes and in commercial premises should be carried out every year.

The use of leaf guards is recommended, to avoid that the system is covered by leaves and seeds that, carried by the wind, lodge in the downspouts and obstruct the systems, causing stagnation and dangerous leaks.


We have the best materials on the market, and a range of colors in line with the trend. Aluminum and accessories allow us to work with confidence so that our customers can be confident and secure.

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